ALEJAJÁN DrodeMotta: ESKORBUTO – Os engañan

ESKORBUTO – Os engañan

Old work partners

Have I luky?

I comes from the more extreme part of tha Madrid’s NO FUTURE 80’s peoples.

Very hight pourcent of them are now dead. Friends, knowns , craps and other ents.

Worked as motorbike piecework postmen in town without brakes, cluch, oils…but with other additives in the deposit. Dancing at hight speed on face of trucks. Bus, taxi drivers.

I cannot count number of falls (in moto an others). That becomes normal: we wait not for future. We see nothing. no door is available to open in the horizon…?why wait for without moving…? and ¿Why moving for ideals that are utopías certainly?.

Better we move for this moment…for month maximun.

ASnd now…I’m here in the future. With a stability that my socially integrated brothers dont have…now and inhis future.

I think that I need to beleave in something: No disease. no serious accident, no enemies.

I have good music (for me) in my head. Music that acts as the better therapy for me and my nexts (no joke).
Say me I have a real improbable luky?

Is not logic that I beleave in something?

Of course not an established belief as I see here and there. Of course…I’m idiot but not both…

(Chorry xor mi Nglis. I like not autotraductors)

See soon



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