If the Mac is the art:where are you?

What pour cent of art out of the box- the Mac- is from your creation.

Effortless happy works.

I visit all those sites with wonderful photos created by video artist with aplications that gives you predeterminated filters with no configurable options but beauty results guaranteed.

Before we critic photoshop by his artificiality and the accessibility to all people at tools who, normally are for pro workers. At least photoshop needed some work to learn and her results are in a real hight pour cent in the hands of the user.

Posible I am malade. I love the error. More than normal.

I have write before about the impossibility of a Jimmy Hendrix Experience without mistakes. Incorrect neck pulsations. And that games of James Page where quarter of notes are faux. Configuring a general sensation of loving spaces. Imposibles with same executions executed with virtuosity.IMG_0084b.CH

This photo is the result of a night and morning of travells and issues.
By the sume of happy and unhappy real situations.(I am forget my guitar night in the train but- glorious country- in Switzerland the people and the infraestructures are real civilizated -ussually- and i have go to this Ville to recuperate it)

No filters. No touch-ups. No transformation. Is really suitable for. And I am try but at least the best rest the original. Other versions becomes more «awesomes» but they lose heart.

Not . Not talk about drugs or hot ambiences. Talk about imperfections. Natural limits of the exact. Human debilities as real power of conviction.

Sorry for my English. I dont love computer or web based traductors. I promise next time will punish the French language.


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