Exploring the Pasiegan Valleys (Valles Pasiegos)

I Have just stop at the Vasquian frontier with Cantabria. Some years ago. Next time. I love the singularity when the mountains kiss that Mar Cantabrico. Inigualable Earth feels.

MrBear the Mountaineer

This time we visited our eastern neighbour community called Cantabria. Despite being a different region I must say that I didn’t realise any major change, neither landscape nor climate. We actually share mountain ranges and natural parks. The weather was so good that weekend that Daddy suggested going camping to the Pasiegan Valleys or Valles Pasiegos in Spanish.

Oh my! It sounds like fun!!!

So we loaded all our camping gear into the car and set out for Cantabria. After 3 hours or so we arrived to the campsite and set up our tent. So lovely and cosy… what a beautiful place!


It was my first experience camping and you can’t imagine how nice it was having all those nature relaxing sounds as lullaby. A little bit of wind swaying the trees, loads of happy singing crickets and some owls’ calls on and off… Just perfect.


Next morning we…

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